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The artist team Liz-N-Val has collaborated for over thirty years. Liz-N-Val use unorthodox materials, processes and concepts as a 'direct' approach to making art. The deployment of mass-media, in an unmediated form entering into the art medium, and the intervention into its distribution systems, combines with the use of public space expanded the individual possibilities for a post-conceptual practice. The artists have set precedents in the expanded field of art since the conceptual art movement. Liz-N-Val are the founders of Abstractrealism: the philosophy of "something from nothing Art". Abstractrealism is the logical outcome of Abstract Art and Realism.

Looking for Advanced Art? The only place in the universe for Advanced Art is here at the MuseuM of advanced Art. The art team of LIZ-N-VAL are known for their unique ways of art distribution and public art Inter-Actions.